Jez Nelson presents: Somethin Else+ (10 July 2024)

Avishai Cohen – Roni’s Swing [Brightlight]
Jaubi – Wings of submission [A sound heart]
Simon Moullier – Elements of light [Elements of light]
Azar Lawrence – Revelations [New Sky]
Tracy Yang Orchestra – Sea of clouds [Or]
Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra – Harbour [Harbour]
William Parker / Cooper Moore / Hamid Drake – Five angels by the stream [Heart Trio]
Don Cherry – Brown Rice [Brown Rice]
Altras del Cosmos – Hanne IV [Cold drinks, hot dreams]
AINON – Whorls, whirling [Within]
Kessoncoda – Dreambend [Outerstate]
Oreglo – Opedge [Not real people]
Miles Davis – Tutu [Tutu]
Geoffrey Keezer – Joy Ryder [Live at Birdland]
Orlando Le Fleming – Plaza Real [Wandering Talk]
Miysaka + 5 – Dog’s Dance [Animal’s Garden]
Janel Leppin – Tennessee’s a drag [To March is to love]
Louis Hayes – Tour De Force [Artform Revistited]
Jackie and Roy – Don’t be blue [East of Suez]
Aflex Combo – Hibaros
Jason Palmer – Sweet Love [Plays Anita Baker]