One Jazz is go!

Internationally renowned jazz presenters Chris Philips and Jez Nelson launch new 24/7 global jazz radio platform..


Monday 27 May 2024

Launch event at Jazz in the Round featuring Rob Luft Quintet, Rachel Musson & Luke Baccus…

“I’m drunk with music and hungry for the next thing!” Charles Lloyd

One Jazz is the new 24/7 global online jazz radio platform providing a constant flow of uninterrupted, curated music with a focus on the best new recordings but also including gems from the past. “One Jazz has come to be because we believe this music to be the most beautiful, emotive and creative of gifts, constantly evolving and reflecting life’s energy and passions,” explains Philips. “Our hearts tell us to put exciting new music first, all day, every day, without losing sight or respect for the heritage.”

One Jazz is the first global radio station dedicated entirely to jazz,” says Nelson. “We’re here for a global audience that love this music as much as we do. But we’re also here in support of the artists, labels, venues and jazz organisations that keep the music alive. We’ll play music that makes you think, feel and move!”

Although the not-for-profit, volunteer-led organisation is being launched by the lifelong friends and jazz radio stalwarts, One Jazz “belongs” to everyone involved and indeed, the wider community. An evolving team of global, passionate and diverse hosts are being assembled to present a range of music from around the world – something for everyone. Confirmed international presenters include Paul Bradshaw (Straight No Chaser), Götz Bühler (JazzAhead from Germany), Marco Cafolla (Mama Terra), Anthony Dean-Harris (The Lineup from USA), Ruth Fisher (Four Corners), Mike Flynn (Jazzwise Editor’s Choice), Haseeb Iqbal, Mari* (Gondwana Records’ Our World Session), Kasia Konstance (Heads Up), Kyri (Other Ways Of Being), Kevin Le Gendre (Now’s The Time), Gerry Lyseight (Near Enough For Jazz), Toshio Matsuura (Tokyo Moon from Japan), Jez Nelson, Matti Nives (We Jazz from Finland), Chris Philips, Debra Richards (The Fuse), Orphy Robinson (The Vibes Describes), Rouhangeze (SoundShift), Darrel Sheinman (Gearbox Playback Sessions), Beatrice Venturini (Montreux Jazz Festival – Then & Now), Don Was (Blue Note First Look) and Audio Gold Jazz Mixtape.

Philips and Nelson’s intentions are clear – to give back to the community of interest around the music by putting the artist at the heart, new music first and creating a source of inspirational music that is always there, easy to find and simple to listen to and engage.